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Berry Campbell to Expand into Freight + Volume’s Space [Updated]

Berry Campbell will fill the entire ground floor of 530 West 24th Street. VIA GOOGLE MAPS

Berry Campbell will fill the entire ground floor of 530 West 24th Street.VIA GOOGLE MAPS

Berry Campbell told ARTnews today that it will expand, filling the entire ground floor of 530 West 24th Street. Currently, the gallery has 1,200 square feet, but, with the new expansion, it will gain 800 more, bringing its total area to 2,000 square feet. Known for showing Abstract Expressionists and postwar artists, Berry Campbell is now part of a larger trend in Chelsea—the rapid expansion of gallery spaces.

“We’re just so happy, we’re beside ourselves,” Christine Berry, a co-director of the gallery, breathlessly told ARTnews in a phone conversation this morning. “[Co-director Martha Campbell and I] used to work at a major Midtown gallery. We’re used to working with large estates. When we opened the gallery in Chelsea, we knew we wanted to be on the ground floor.”

“It’s something we’ve always wanted, and it’s now coming to fruition,” Berry added.

Over the summer, Berry Campbell will build a small project space that will allow the gallery to host small group shows at the same time as solo exhibitions. The first show in the expanded space will be a retrospective of Dan Christensen, an abstract painter whose work has been associated with Abstract Expressionism and Minimalism.

Berry Campbell’s expansion will mean that the gallery is moving into Freight + Volume’s space. The news makes Freight + Volume’s future unclear, as the gallery currently shares the ground floor of 530 West 24th Street with Berry Campbell. Freight + Volume could not be reached for comment.

Update, 7/17/15, 10:23 a.m.: In an email yesterday, Freight + Volume said it is looking to move elsewhere. Below is the email’s full statement, written by the gallery’s director, Nick Lawrence.

After a dozen memorable years in Chelsea, Freight + Volume has decided to relocate and will re-open this fall with a dynamic new stand-alone space in a vibrant neighborhood, which will allow the artists in our program to continue to have a strong voice and edgy presence in the New York art world – and at large. We will focus on building their careers while also strengthening our art fair presence here and abroad. We will promote and encourage conversations about the inherent value of the work rather than just its investment value. Our new location will allow us to serve both our artists and clients more completely, and we look forward to welcoming you to this new chapter for the gallery.

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