Future, the Rapper, Had a Wild Painting Performance at His Record Release Party




There are many ways to celebrate the release of your new album. You could, say, host a blowout party in a TriBeCa warehouse space with Hennessy–sponsored cocktails. Or you could debut the new record from behind a club’s DJ booth, singing along to the tracks with friends like Travis Scott. Or you could hire “world-renowned performance painter” David Garibaldi to make a giant painting of your face while your fans look on in awe. Last night, the rapper Future combined all three approaches to toast the release of his latest album, DS2 (that is, Dirty Sprite 2), which came out at midnight. The painting performance was pretty awesome. Below, some footage of Garibaldi doing his thing.

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If you’re interested in doing a Garibaldi deep dive, there are quite a few videos of him at work. Here he is doing Michael Jackson at an Orange County Leadership Camp in 2009, which his my favorite:

And here he is painting Jesus Christ:

And here he is doing Albert Einstein upside-down, Georg Baselitz style.

Keep him in mind if you have a party coming up.

Let’s close this out with Future’s excellent single “Fuck Up Some Commas,” which I hope to hear soon in a Loic Gouzer auction video.

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