Graphics Market Seattle Art Fair 2015

A Closer Look at the Seattle Art Fair’s Exhibitor List


The very first Seattle Art Fair opened on Thursday night with 60 galleries, including heavy hitters like Gagosian, Zwirner, and Pace. Where have the exhibitors come from? As the graph above shows, all but 7 are based in the United States, about a third come from New York, and 13 hail from Washington. In comparison, Expo Chicago, a regional fair that is far larger in size (it will have more than 140 galleries in its next edition, in September), includes roughly the same percentage of New York galleries, and nearly as large a percentage of galleries from its home state (Illinois), though it is a bit more diverse in terms of international reach. (A note on methodology: when galleries have spaces in more than one city, they have been counted only once, in the place where they are headquartered.) Will the Seattle fair become a regular part of the increasingly crowded art calendar? Read a report from the fair here.

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