Morning Links: Oreo Art Edition

Tascha Cherry's Oreo portraits. TASCHA CHERRY

Tascha Cherry’s Oreo portraits.


Tascha Cherry remade Vincent van Gogh and Frida Kahlo’s self-portraits using Oreo crème. Because of their materials, they’re done in an impasto style, and they recall Renaissance tondi, of course. [ABC News]

The Met’s Islamic art galleries avoid the conflict in the Middle East entirely. But what constitutes Islamic art, if not politics? [NPR]

Daniel Kolitz turns Mark Zuckerberg into a “conceptual art terrorist” using Tumblr. [The Creators Project]

A profile of Margaret Kilgallen, Barry McGee, and Clare Rojas, three Mission School artists who worked in San Francisco during the ’90s and became romantically intertwined. [The New Yorker]

Museum staffs still aren’t very diverse. [Hyperallergic]

The strike at the National Gallery in London has now resulted in the closure of several parts of the museum. [The Art Newspaper]

Marjorie Strider at Broadway 1602. [Contemporary Art Daily]

South Tel Aviv is having an art renaissance. [Paste]

A 65-foot-high wheel will entertain people in Montreal waiting for the bus. It will also cost $1.1 million. [CityLab]

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