Young Girl Accidentally Breaks 2,000-Year-Old Vase at Israel Museum

The entrance of the Israel Museum.WIKIMEDIA

The entrance of the Israel Museum.


Kids need to be more careful in museums!

Today footage surfaced of a young boy slipping and putting his hand through a 350-year-old painting in Taipei. Now Haaretz has reported that a “young girl” accidentally knocked over a 2,000-year-old vase at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem on Sunday, breaking it along an old crack in the vessel that had previously been repaired. According to a museum staffer, the girl was clinging to the case when the vase rocked over.

Remarkably, the museum has said that, thanks to the accident, it took conservation measures that made the artifact look even better than it did before. The museum told Haaretz: “It would require a great effort to notice the crack with the naked eye.”

Well, then. Nevermind. Carry on.

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