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Habitat: Barnaby Furnas

Barnaby Furnas photographed in his Chelsea studio on July 22. KATHERINE MCMAHON

Barnaby Furnas photographed in his Chelsea studio on July 22.


Habitat is a weekly series that visits with artists in their workspaces.

This week’s studio: Barnaby Furnas, Chelsea, New York. “Technically my paintings are made more like watercolors than anything else,” Barnaby Furnas said about his process during a recent visit to his studio, as New Order played in the background. The Philadelphia–born artist has been working in his well-lit Chelsea studio space for four years. He discussed drawing landscapes with his young son, which oftentimes inspires the artist to think about his own work in new ways. “Everything is in conflict in his drawings,” Furnas said. “I’ll draw the sun, and he’ll draw the sky trying to attack the sun. I’ll draw a tree and he’ll draw the wind going after the tree. It’s a good way to approach landscapes. He’s at that age where his cognitive level is so pure, it’s just a great time to steal his ideas.”

On September 10, Furnas’s sixth solo show at Marianne Boesky, First Morning, will open. It is on view until the beginning of October. The show will feature nine landscape paintings, and examines the artist’s interpretation of what the first morning on earth or what the first American landscape might have looked like. Below, Barnaby discusses Gesso groovers, unwholesome lozenges, and Ben Franklin in his Chelsea studio while preparing work for his upcoming show.


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