There Is Now A Skate Park At The Kennedy Center

The skate park in question. LEN JACKSON/KENNEDY CENTER

The skate park in question.


The Washingtonian reported this week that for the upcoming exhibition “Finding a Line: Skateboarding, Music, and Media,” The Kennedy Center will be installing a full-on skate park (a bowl, small ramps, and skateable fixtures) on its front plaza.

The show—which runs from September 4 to 13—includes exhibitions of skate decks, a panel discussion centered around skate videos and a performance by the Bandwagon, the group fronted by Jason Moran (the Kennedy Center’s artistic director for jazz and also the festival’s curator), who will execute a live improvisation while skaters do their thing on the ramp.

“When I saw skate videos in the ’80s that had John Coltrane’s music, or Dexter Gordon’s… that just blew me away,” Moran told The Washingtonian. “There’s a lot to learn from listening to this music and watching skating.”

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