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Here Is the Trailer for Jacob Ciocci’s Upcoming Show at Interstate Projects


This week, Jacob Ciocci released a striking new trailer for his upcoming show at Interstate Projects in Brooklyn. In it, Ciocci muses abstractly and poetically over a barrage of imagery—children’s home movies, mental-health stock footage, a deflating Barney balloon—about life, art, and freedom. (Disclosure: Jamie Sterns, who contributes to ARTnews, is Interstate’s curatorial director.) Here are a few choice quotes:

— “To think back to that time that you felt the most rebellious, that you’d really found a way to be free, to be whatever you wanted to be, and know that at that moment you’d been tricked the furthest.”

— “What I’d like to do is walking a pretty boring, unimportant road. The more unimportant the road, probably the more I go in another direction from the direction that I feel good about.”

— “I’m not the first person to say this, but I really don’t want to do anything. I would like to be as alive as possible without being alive as it’s ever been defined, or will be defined, or was defined.”

Watch the whole thing below. The show premieres September 18 at Interstate, and a new book compiling zines made by Ciocci’s old collective Paper Rad debuts the same week at the New York Art Book Fair.

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