Morning Links: Segregated Bathrooms Edition


An MFA student at the University of Buffalo posted “white-only” signs around campus as part of an art project.


Ashley Powell, an M.F.A. candidate at the University of Buffalo, hung “white only” and “black only” signs next to public bathrooms as part of an art project. In an open letter published in the student newspaper, she explains why she did it. [The Spectrum]

Anish Kapoor is unhappy with a judge’s ruling that he must remove the Anti-Semetic slurs painted on his Versailles sculpture, Dirty Corner. [The Art Newspaper]

London Evening Standard art critic Brian Sewell has died at the age of 84. [BBC]

“The BBC is splashing out more than £8 million on a collection of digital art including a Gaelic birdsong video and Syrian puppet films.” [The Daily Mail]

Keiichi Tanaami at Nanzuka Gallery in Tokyo. [Contemporary Art Daily]

The British government has allotted nearly £6 million in grants to send works by British artists, from William Shakespeare to David Hockney, to China. [The Scotsman]

Indigenous artists from Arizona have constructed a two-mile installation made of scare-eye balloons, called Repellent Fence. The piece runs through the U.S.-Mexico border. [Los Angeles Times]

“Descriptions Of Art At The Met That Could Double As My Tinder Bio.” [The New Yorker]

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