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‘Puppies Puppies: HorseshoeCrabs HorseshoeCrabs’ at Freddy Gallery

Puppies Puppies, 'HorseshoeCrabs HorseshoeCrabs,' 2015, installation view. COURTESY THE ARTISTS AND FREDDY, BALTIMORE

Puppies Puppies, ‘HorseshoeCrabs HorseshoeCrabs,’ 2015, installation view.


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Today’s show: “Puppies Puppies: HorseshoeCrabs HorseshoeCrabs” closed on Saturday, September 26, at Freddy Gallery in Baltimore. The solo exhibition featured an homage to the namesake animal with horseshoe-crab exoskeletons painted in various mediums, vinyl works, and a live performance.

Here’s Puppies speaking on behalf of horseshoe crabs:

The horseshoe crab… It has evolved onnnnly so much as to further its existence & existence it has achieveddd…. 445 million years worth….. horseshoe crabs and paintings seem to relate in my mind. They are expressions that have survived the test of time. By linking the two I’m expressing my need as an artist (not by me being the actual artist that painted the paintings) but my need to present the paintings in this context. Maybe these expressions are addressing my need to survive and to hide under many layers in order to do so. To understand my fleeting existence but know that humans like me will continue to paint. To breed on the shoreline in shallow water only to propel the existence of my expressions and the expressions to come later on. I feel very deeply for these creatures.

Freddy is closing later this month.

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