Morning Links: Ride City Edition


Ride City.


Jerry Saltz answers a round of “Would You Rather” with Paddle8. In response to

“Would you rather… be under house arrest for a week inside Prada Marfa with Donald Trump as your “cell mate” OR not be allowed to leave your home until you can draw the layout of the Louvre from memory?”

Jerry says he would choose Donald Trump, because, among other things, “Donald Trump has a neck-vagina—so being locked up with him could have its advantages.” [Paddle8]

Douglas Druick is resigning as president and director of the Art Institute of Chicago. [Artforum]

Thomas Bayrle’s “All-in-one” at dépendance in Brussels. [Contemporary Art Daily]

Rihanna defends Rachel Dolezal. [Dazed Digital]

Next summer, Phillips will host a non-selling Barbara Hepworth show in London. [The Art Newspaper]

Paleo Art: On the artists who paint dinosaurs. [The Atlantic]

ISIS has opened a small-scale theme park, called Ride City, that surpasses Banksy’s Dismaland in bleakness. [Dazed Digital]

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