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Habitat: Charles Andresen

Charles Andresen photographed on September 19.

Charles Andresen photographed on September 19.


Habitat is a weekly series that visits with artists in their workspaces.

This week’s studio: Charles Andresen, East Hampton, New York. “It’s been a new, exciting, and daunting experience to work in Elaine de Kooning’s iconic space,” Charles Andresen said of his residency at the painter’s former home and studio out on the far end of Long Island. Andresen lived and worked at the house while preparing for his show at Christian Berst, which opened on October 14. He continued to describe the space “with those slanted windows pouring in the North Atlantic light,” adding that The North Atlantic Light happens to be the title of a Willem de Kooning catalog that he “constantly perused as a student librarian at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.” That same light, he said, “also permeates other favorites of mine like James Ensor and Malcolm Morley.”

Andresen’s technique involves using a putty knife or kitchen spoon to deposit the paint onto the canvas, but has adopted new color schemes over the years. “Initially it was black, white, and gray,” he told me, “then bright prismatic hues, earth tones, metallic pigments, and finally the nocturnes of the past few years: light-tinted lines and dots atop very dark grounds. Recently I’ve begun using medium tones with black markings to create a fictive space.” Below, a tour of Andresen’s temporary workspace.


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