Habitat: John Dante Bianchi

John Dante Bianchi photographed on October 28th in East Willamsburg. KATHERINE MCMAHON

“I don’t want to be considered a painter, I’m really a sculptor. These are flat sculptures.” John Dante Bianchi said of his “Bruised Panels” series on October 28th in his East Willamsburg studio.


Habitat is a weekly series that visits with artists in their workspaces.

This week’s studio: John Dante Bianchi, New York. “Greenwick, Brooklyn’s newest up and coming neighborhood,” John Dante Bianchi joked when asked precisely where his Brooklyn studio was. Bianchi is currently working on a few pieces from his “Bruised Panel” series, which resemble toxic sunsets, and which he hopes “convey traumatic events in a way that could be potentially transformative.”

Bianchi has been at his live-work basement studio for five years. “It’s like an apocalyptic zone down here, the building owner is very hands off,” he said. Bianchi’s solo show at Tyler Wood Gallery in San Francisco wraps up today. A piece from his “Bruised Panel” series is appearing in the ICI 40th Anniversary Artsy auction, which launches on November 6 and he’s currently preparing for an exhibition at Galerie Derouillon in Paris early next year. Below, Bianchi takes us around his studio and shows us some work in progress.


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