Morning Links: Halloween Edition

Andres Serrano, Blood and Semen V, 1990. VIA DAZED DIGITAL

Andres Serrano, Blood and Semen V, 1990.


Russian art gallery owner Marat Guelman has been evicted from his Moscow building for allegedly not paying his rent. Guelman says that this is untrue, and that his eviction is due to the fact that he had hosted a charity auction for political prisoners. [Moscow Times]

The British Museum has received a $5 million grant to start a program in Iraq that will teach heritage conservation techniques to museum curators, conservators, and archaeologists, in an effort to rebuild ISIS-destroyed sites. [The Guardian]

Why do galleries focus on particular artists at particular times? A look at some of Yoko Ono’s latest shows. [The New York Times]

Sergej Jensen at Daniel Buchholz. [Contemporary Art Daily]

This is how the New York Public Library is reinventing itself. [Slate]

To celebrate Halloween, here are all the times artists have used blood in their works. [Dazed Digital]

“The organization that oversees Berlin’s museums has filed a motion to dismiss a U.S. lawsuit brought by the heirs of Nazi-era Jewish art dealers demanding the return of a medieval treasure trove worth an estimated $226 million.” [ABC News]

Here’s a profile of Henry Hook, the world’s best crossword puzzle-solver. [The New Yorker]

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