Why Not Apply to Be in a Xavier Cha Performance in New York?

An installation view of Cha's 2012 show at 47 Cana.COURTESY 47 CANAL

An installation view of Cha’s 2012 show at 47 Canal.


Xavier Cha needs your help. A posting on the New York Foundation for the Arts’ jobs board says that the artist is seeking “[a]ctors, performers, artists, comedians, singers, or anyone interested in being in an ongoing group performance for a solo exhibit at 47 Canal Gallery.” Don’t have much experience? No problem. The ad continues, “Experience is not required, but acting skills are necessary.”

Details about the show are scant—the listing just says that the performances will take place from November 11 through November 15 during gallery hours, and that “50 participants” are required—though it’s perhaps worth noting that, for her hypnotic 2012 show at the gallery, she showed videos of people to whom she had given Salvia and DMT—so really anything is on the table here. Inquiries can be sent to: through next week.

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