Morning Links: Excessivism Edition

Excessivism's manifesto. COURTESY EXCESSIVISM.COM

Excessivism’s manifesto.


What is new global art movement “Excessivism”? [California Newswire]

Amalia Ulman has a real-life counterpart. An 18-year old Australian Instagram model (600,000 followers +), Essena O’Neill, has renounced her social media fame and recaptioned all of her photos honestly, saying, “Social media is not real life. I don’t want to promote greedy industries or photoshop or fake art.” [Dazed Digital]

On October 22, Italy’s Chamber of Deputies passed a law which reclassifies museums as “essential public services” along with schools and hospitals, thereby limiting culture workers’ rights to strike. Unions are now threatening a nationwide strike. [The Art Newspaper]

Modern art is looking to make a comeback at the upcoming New York auctions. [The Telegraph]

Catherine Sullivan’s “Afterword Via Fantasia” at Catherine Bastide in Brussels. [Contemporary Art Daily]

3-D printing has enabled blind people to “see” art for the first time. []

Watch a Bob Ross painting marathon on Twitch! [Hyperallergic]

Britain’s earliest art may have been discovered in the form of Ice Age–era engravings at a dig in Jersey. [BBC News]

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