Watch Jon Rafman And Daniel Lopatin’s New Video for Oneothrix Point Never

Still from the "Sticky Drama" video. YOUTUBE

Still from the “Sticky Drama” video.


The artists Jon Rafman and Daniel Lopatin have co-directed a music video for the song “Sticky Drama” by Loptain’s electronic music project, Oneohtrix Point Never, released today by Warp Records.

Instead of actually describing the action–packed video—which is chock-full of very contemporary cultural signifiers—I’m just going to give a partial list of things I noticed on the screen: a swagboard, a dress made out of CD-Rs, virtual pets, a substance that looks suspiciously like Nickelodeon’s Gak, children involved in combination IRL and URL cosplay, prosthetic pustules, CGI geometric monsters, a cyberpunk-esque multiple-monitor computer setup (controlled by the girl in the aforementioned CD-R dress), and did I mention a swagboard?

All of this is set to a bed of music that kind of sounds like Skrillex in the same way that Aphex Twin sometimes sounded like jungle music.

Watch the video below.

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