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Skarstedt Gallery Now Represents Eric Fischl


Eric Fischl.


Skarstedt Gallery announced that it now represents the painter and sculptor Eric Fischl. Fischl announced in May that he was splitting with Mary Boone Gallery, which had repped him for 30 years. Ron Warren, a partner and director at Mary Boone, told The Art Newspaper that Fischl had decided to part ways with the gallery because “the art world and the market have changed so much that he wants to concentrate on making his work, and distance himself from being represented by a gallery.” Yesterday, though, the New York Times quoted Fischl as saying,

“I’m a prisoner of the ’80s. [Mary Boone], to some extent, is also a prisoner of the ’80s. We went as far as we could go together. There were certain things I was wanting to see if I could make happen—she wasn’t able to do it for me—like recontextualize my work.”

Skarstedt last held a solo show of work by Fischl in 2011, and will show new paintings at the gallery’s Upper East Side space next May. The artist will be joining the gallery’s index of mid-career artists such as David Salle and George Condo.

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