Check Out Paul Bright’s Collection on the New Bright Lyons Website

Scott Reeder Ancient Jazz from the Bright Lyons collection. BRIGHT LYONS

Scott Reeder’s Ancient Jazz from the Bright Lyons collection.


Earlier this week, Bright Lyons—the Downtown Brooklyn store run by the collector Paul Bright that specializes in art and antiques—unveiled a new website that contains a browsable selection of around 600 works from Bright’s collection.

Bright, who also just released a book about the art collective Paper Rad, has a collection that reads like a summary of a few different movements that have transpired over the past decade and a half. There is Providence-centric art focused around the collective Fort Thunder (Jim Drain, Mat Brinkman), work from the loose West Coast “Beautiful Losers” diaspora (Barry McGee, Ed Templeton), contemporary abstract painting (Joe Bradley, Eddie Martinez) and work that dovetails with the world of net art (Cory Arcangel, Paper Rad). Truthfully, that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Check out the whole thing right here!

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