Morning Links: Absolut Art Edition

An Absolut Art print by kyttenjanae. COURTESY ABSOLUT

An Absolut Art print by kyttenjanae.


Absolut gets into the art game with Absolut Art, an online service in which curated prints can be bought for between $250 and $6,000. [CNBC]

Dealers and gallery representatives discuss their feelings about Paris Photo being shut down in light of last week’s attacks. [Vulture]

A close look at the story behind the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art’s collection, much of which hasn’t been shown publicly since 1976. [Bloomberg]

Versailles has been commissioning contemporary artists to make provocative work for the palace’s gardens for a while, but many other old cultural destinations are now following in suit. [BBC]

David Diao at the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art. [Contemporary Art Daily]

As part of a pilot program happening through the end of the year, San Francisco minibuses’ ads will be replaced with art. [SF Chronicle]

A photographer took pictures of petri dishes with germs from New York subway poles in them. Open at your own risk. [Gothamist]

Two years after her murals were removed from a Norwegian government building because they reminded employees of a terrorist attack, Vanessa Baird has been commissioned to make new work for Oslo’s Ministry of Health. [The Art Newspaper]

Last night, at the Museum of Modern Art, Cate Blanchett was honored at the film department’s annual benefit dinner. [ABC News]

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