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Habitat: Daniel Heidkamp

Daniel Heidkamp photographed in his Sunset Park studio. KATHERINE MCMAHON

Daniel Heidkamp photographed in his Sunset Park studio.


Habitat is a weekly series that visits with artists in their workspaces.

This week’s studio: Daniel Heidkamp; Sunset Park, New York. “I often write about my paintings,” Daniel Heidkamp told me. “Thinking about my work through literary terms has definitely helped to shape the solo shows I’ve worked on and build narratives.” Heidkamp, who is 35, was discussing the most recent artist statement he wrote, for his current show at Pace Prints, which runs through  December 24 and which features a series of paper pulp paintings. “Applying paper pulp is basically like painting, but somewhat more delicate,” he said. “The canvas gets mushy—you can’t just take a brush and work the surface. You kind of have to drip it on. You have to be sure about it and also embrace the nuances and mistakes. I think painting will always be my primary focus, but I’d like to explore how my art can apply to the whole range of print making techniques.”

Heidkamp has been at his Sunset Park studio since 2011 and typically works 9 to 5, occasionally doing a night session. While working, he prefers listening to new music. “With the Internet it’s easy to find something new bubble up,” he said. “You can hear it before there is any baggage attached…I listen to Spotify on privacy mode so I keep all my indulgences secret, like listening to the new Lana Del Rey album a dozen times in a row.” Below, Heidkamp shows us some pieces he is currently working on, preparing for a show with Half Gallery at the Edition Hotel for Art Basel Miami Beach and a show at Loyal Gallery in Stockholm, Sweden, for early next year.


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