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A Brief History of the Art Los Angeles Contemporary Fair


After Art Basel Miami Beach in December, the next major fair on the calendar in the United States is Art Los Angeles Contemporary, which runs from January 28 through 31. Started in 2010, it was originally conceived to strongly highlight the galleries of L.A., with nearly half of the 48 exhibitors hailing from the city. But since then, as the graph above shows, it has increasingly broadened its purview beyond the city and expanded, so that next year it will have 66 galleries, with just a third calling Los Angeles home. The complete list of galleries in next year’s edition is here, along with some new projects that are in the offing for this edition. For close looks at other regional fairs, here are graphics comparing the exhibitor makeup of Expo Chicago versus the Seattle Art Fair and Art Copenhagen versus the Chart Art Fair, which both call Denmark’s capital city home.

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  • Daisy Diamant-Dillon

    What about the 20 year running LA ART SHOW (Jan 27-31)?? Started at The Barker Hangar and although it doesn’t feature a majority of works that are drenched in blood or urine, it’s still a great fair featuring many dealers including both contemporary and classic American works. Time to get you heads out of your snobbified asses and recognize that art –and art fairs–should be for everyone and not just the air kissing, hipster wanna be’s.

    • bleepbloop

      If it’s not drenched in blood or urine, then it can bloody well piss off.

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