Morning Links: ‘4’33”’ Remix Edition


John Cage.


Can you copyright silence? It would appear so—SoundCloud has taken down a John Cage “4'33"” remix. [New York Magazine]

Rhizome relaunches their reviews section with a criticism of the Wrong Biennale. [Rhizome]

Climate-change activists protested British Petroleum at the Tate Britain over the weekend, where they “occupied a gallery featuring works from the 1840s and set up a station to tattoo each other with the numbers of CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere in the year each of them was born.” [Artforum]

At Art Basel Miami Beach, Lenny Kravitz retaliated against eager fans by taking photos of them. “It became this kind of dance,” he told the Miami Herald. [The Miami Herald]

Collectors, your art is deteriorating fast. [The Art Newspaper]

In her memoir, Drawing Blood, Molly Crabapple talks about why she “went her own way from the contemporary art world.” [The Guardian]

The Senate Finance Committee has begun to look into the tax-exempt status of eleven private museums. “The committee’s concern is that some private museums, rather than providing the types of public services that merit 501(c)(3) charitable organization tax status, are serving as private showrooms for wealthy individuals’ art portfolios.” [Hyperallergic]

William Pope.L at Steve Turner in Los Angeles. [Contemporary Art Daily]

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