• 2015: The Year in Review

    10 Art World Things From 2015 That I Don’t Want to Hear About Anymore

    Middle-aged white men at an art fair.COURTESY FLICKR

    Middle-aged white men at an art fair.


    Lists. Rankings. Names. Things. Arbitrary markers of time that we as a culture occasionally celebrate with lists of rankings of names and things. Presented without further commentary.

    10. Auction records

    9. Björk

    8. Marina Abramović/backlash to Marina Abramović

    7. Instagram

    6. Jerry Saltz’s use of Instagram

    5. Drake

    4. The city of Miami

    3. Art fairs generally

    2. Lists

    1. Middle-aged white men

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    • Nonameever

      White men, especially middle aged ones, should be universally banned from art: buying, viewing, commenting, then the world would be perfect

      • Kwaku Osei

        That’s not very nice :/

    • Jeffrey Turner

      Hey, I beg your pardon, I’m a 69 yr. old white man who considers Bernie a conservative.
      I’m a sculptor, painter and a writer and I’ve been doing this for as long as I can remember.
      You need some real life experience outside of your useless and lame MFA program.

      • Kwaku Osei


    • Kwaku Osei

      This list is hilarious. Hahaha