Here’s the Exhibition Trailer for Mark Flood’s ‘The Future Is Ow’ At Marlborough Chelsea

A still from the exhibition trailer for "The Future is Ow." COURTESY MARLBOROUGH CHELSEA.

A still from the exhibition trailer for “The Future is Ow.”


We’re only a few days into 2016 and I’m already making a trend forecast: exhibition trailers. This prediction is based solely on the trailer Mark Flood has released for “The Future is Ow,” the name of a forthcoming show of printed paintings at Marlborough Chelsea. Curated by Flood, the exhibition features work by Houston-based artists Susie Rosmarin, El Franco Lee, Paul Kremer, Chris Bexar, and Flood himself, all of whom have shown at Flood’s experimental gallery Mark Flood Resents.

The trailer, which you may watch below, features an artfully curated selection of clips from what appears to be a rousing game of Grand Theft Auto V set to a lustily Auto-Tuned riff on the show’s title. (The refrain’s first “ow,” for example, corresponds rather pointedly with a clip of a man being shot in the head.)

Oh, and Bob Ross makes an appearance.

For more information on “The Future is Ow,” which opens on Wednesday, here is an excerpt from a press release, written by Flood:

“The Future is Ow concerns the fact that all these artists make digitally printed paintings as part of their practice.

The Future is Ow title is irrational, but it might be about people saying Ow! when they don’t get to look at their precious brushstrokes anymore.”

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