Louise Bourgeois Among the First Artists to Be Shown at the New Tate Modern

Louise Bourgeois's Maman (Ama), 1999. COURTESY THE GUGGENHEIM

Louise Bourgeois’s Maman (Ama), 1999.


The New York Times reports today that Louise Bourgeois will be among the first artists shown at the Tate Modern’s new ten-story building designed by Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron, which will open on June 17.

While the new Tate will include several floors of gallery and performance space, Bourgeois’s work will specifically be displayed in a new gallery reserved for Artist Rooms, the contemporary art collection of over 1,600 works owned by both the Tate and the National Galleries of Scotland for which individual rooms are dedicated to each artist.

The article also reveals that Artist Rooms has acquired its first work by Phyllida Barlow, who is now the 40th artist to be added to the collection.

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