Andrea Rosen Gallery Now Represents Hayden Dunham

Hayden Dunham, "GEL" (detail), 2015.COURTESY ANDREA ROSEN GALLERY

Hayden Dunham, “GEL” (detail), 2015.


Andrea Rosen Gallery announced today that it now represents artist Hayden Dunham. Dunham “creates entire circulatory and structural systems,” the gallery said dramatically in a press release, though she is perhaps best known for her alter-ego, QT, a quasi-fictional pop singer known for promoting an energy drink called DrinkQT. (She released a genuine hit single in 2014, called “Hey QT.”) More of Dunham’s work will be on view this February in a show at Red Bull Studios, curated by Neville Wakefield.

“For any age, Hayden Dunham is one of the most unique, talented and innovative individuals I’ve ever known; but born in 1988, she is also a representation of a future way of thinking, and a future way of creating,” Rosen said in a statement.

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