Los Angeles Nomadic Division to Host Ninth Edition of Rob Pruitt’s Flea Market

Participants at Rob Pruitt’s Flea Market.COURTESY GAVIN BROWN'S ENTERPRISE

Participants at Rob Pruitt’s Flea Market.


The nonprofit art organization LAND (Los Angeles Nomadic Division) announced today that it will be hosting the ninth Rob Pruitt Flea Market from February 13 to 14 in Downtown Los Angeles. The flea market will bring together “top artists and tastemakers in Los Angeles,” the press release says, “to participate in a traditional-style flea market, making their wares available for sale to the public.”

Past Pruitt markets have seen the inclusion of a variety of oddities from the boots Sylvia Miles wore in Midnight Cowboy to Haim Steinbach’s accouterments for a reptile tank. For this year’s incarnation, similar items will be made available for sale by the following participating artists (among others): Jon Pylypchuk, James Franco, Michele O’Marah, Brendan Fowler, Pentti Monkonnen and Liz Craft, Bert Rodriguez, Kim Fisher, Matt Greene, Dean Spunt (of the band No Age), Mario Ybarra Jr., Joe Sola, Mark Verabioff, Bari Zipperstein.

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