A Look at the Hammer’s ‘Made in L.A.’ Biennial


In 2012, the Hammer launched Made in L.A., a biennial focused on Los Angeles. Some 61 artists and collectives working primarily in that city participated in the first edition, from young guns like Math Bass to established figures like Channa Horwitz. This year's edition, curated by Aram Moshayedi and Hamza Walker and titled "a, the, though, only," marks a major shift, with just 26 artists and collectives.

The age and gender make-ups of the biennials has remain roughly uniform throughout its three editions. Although the number of artists in their 30s has shrunk since 2012, it's still the largest age group represented here. Meanwhile, throughout its three editions, "Made in L.A." has stayed almost evenly divided between men and women. (Collectives and artists whose information was not available online were counted in the "Miscellaneous" category.)

Above, a breakdown of the artists in each biennial by age and gender. The 2016 edition of Made in L.A. opens on June 12.

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