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    Spring/Break Art Show Announces Participants for 2016 Program

    originalArmory Week’s annual Spring/Break Art Show has announced the full list of participants for this year’s program. The event will once again take place in the former postal offices of Skylight at Moynihan Station in New York from March 2 through March 7, during Armory Week.

    For this year’s installment, curators will be exhibiting artwork reflecting notions of re-appropriation as they pertain to the theme of “⌘COPY⌘PASTE.” Following is the full list of participants.

    Curator Project
    A. Moret The Pineapple Shop
    Aaron Levi Garvey Same-Same, But Different
    Adam G. Mignanelli B Thom
    Adam Parker Smith Bargain Basement
    AJ Hughes Physical Retouch
    Alejandro Jassan Cracker Politics
    Alex Sewell Object Trap!
    Alex McQuilkin + Andy Mister These Things Take Time
    Alva Calymayor The Boy Will Bounce
    Ambre Kelly + Andrew Gori Mutually Assured Destruction
    Andrea McGinty Material Pressure
    Arielle de Saint Phalle + Taylor Roy The YESNO Show
    Caroline Tilleard + Anna Maria Cuevas Repeat/Loop/Return
    Catherine Mahoney Last Year at Moynihan
    Christopher Stout + Will Hutnick Rebus
    Claire Mirocha + Vanessa Thill NO GAINS ON SACRIFICE
    Corey Oberlander + Lindsey Stapleton Blue-Sky Thinking
    David Packer Hammin’ It Up
    Dennis Dawson This is our House. This is our Rules
    Elisabeth Smolarz + Jamie Diamond + Lauren Silberman Dopplenamer
    Elizabeth Denny Façade
    Elizabeth Keithline Precession
    Emily Davidson + Stuart Lorimer Pink Elephants on Parade​
    Emily Kiacz Four Sided Triangle
    Eve Sussman + Simon Lee “L-Dopa”
    Fanny Allié + Ketta Ioannidou Shifted Memories
    Jac Lahav + Adam Thompson + Susannah Palmer The Midnight Society
    Jacob Rhodes Caroline Wells Chandler : From the Well of Salmakiss
    Jennifer Sullivan Large Glass
    Jennifer McCoy + Jennifer Dalton BULLDOZE/CEMENT
    Jo Shane + Maripol Cannibals
    Jon Lutz Matthew F Fisher – Ten Years
    Jonah Freeman Light Show
    Juliette Premmereur + Nicole Grammatico Panspermia
    1985 + Rémy Bennett + Kelsey Bennett Glory Hole
    Kara Brooks BLACK
    Kari Adelaide + Max Razdow Sunshine on Lethe
    Karin Bravin Tridimensional Environmental Paintant #1
    Katherine Aungier + Alta Buden MA
    Katya Valevich + Julie Solovyeva
    Kelly Schroer The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life
    Kirk Stoller Project #10
    Krista Saunders Scenna A Storied Collective
    Kristin Sancken Coke Wisdom O’Neal: Speakerbox
    Lalita Salander + Patrick Jaojoco DRIP
    Magdalena Sawon Greg Allen’s Chop Shop
    Magdalyn Asimakis Talwst Santiago: Minimized Histories
    Marc Azoulay Words Words Words
    Margaret Lanzetta Portable Mind
    Marie Salomé Peyronnel Reproduction
    Marly Hammer Uniform
    Maureen Sullivan Crying for the March of Humanity
    Mebrak Tareke Mimesis and Alterity
    Melinda Wang The Valley
    Michael Gaughran Appropriate(d) Behavior
    Michael Valinsky + Gabrielle Jensen Double to Erase
    Myla Dalbesio You Can Call Me Baby
    Nati Hyojin Kim + Kat JK Lee 4RL
    Nick Doyle Visceral Cavities
    Patrick Mohundro Surface Feat
    Rachel Phillips Knife Hits
    Vanessa Albury + Rachel Rampleman + Lynn Maliszewski I See Myself in Your Eyes
    Rachel G Barnard Making Strange
    Robert Dimin The Governor and His Muse
    Sarah G Sharp + Parsley Steinweiss Original Copy
    SPECIAL PROJECT: 101/EXHIBIT Curated by Kevin Van Gorp and Shen-Shen Wu LV DIY
    SPECIAL PROJECT: Cade Tompkins Projects Curated by Cade Tompkins The Lucent Parlor
    SPECIAL PROJECT: MULHERIN TORONTO NEW YORK Curated by Katharine Mulherin If I Had My Life To Live Again
    SPECIAL PROJECT: Shulamit Nazarian Curated by Renée Fox Apt 3104
    Teriha Yaegashi + Juliette Premmereur + Ella Marder + Lara Pan In Sequence
    Vince Contarino + Brian Balderston +

    Chad Stayrook + José Ruiz
    Recursive States
    Yulia Topchiy reConstruct


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