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Here Is the 2016 Exhibitor List for Art Basel


Art Basel in Basel.


Well, what do you know, it’s the second day of February and we’re already talking about something that’s not happening until June. Usually a lead-up time this big is a bit unnerving, because June is so far from now that we could be different people by June, living different lives. But I am happy to say that in this particular case, nothing is unnerving, because the summertime thing we’re talking about is Art Basel, in Basel, Switzerland, the Most Important Art Fair on Earth.

Let’s break this down. It’s the 47th edition of the fair, and this time around they’ve got 287 galleries, from 33 countries, coming to town. In the Galleries sector, the primo sector, there are a few newcomers, such as Jack Shainman Gallery and Karma International. (Both previously appeared in other sectors.) In the Edition Sector, there are prints. In the Feature sector, for which dealers stage projects with a single artist or theme, there are now 32 galleries, including James Fuentes showing Jonas Mekas and James Cohan showing Robert Smithson. In the Statements sector, for solo displays by emerging artists, 47 Canal is showing Ajay Kurian and Foxy Production is showing Sara Cwynar.

And there’s probably some great stuff in Unlimited, Film, Conversations, and Salons, but we don’t know about that yet, and that’s OK because this is like half a year away.

Check out the full list below.

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