Here Is the New Eckhaus Latta Video for the Hammer Museum ‘Made in L.A.’ Biennial

Still from Smile YOUTUBE

A still from Eckhaus Latta and Alexa Karolinski’s Smile, 2016.


It’s Friday afternoon and you deserve to wind down with this new video created by the fashion label Eckhaus Latta alongside Alexa Karolinski for the forthcoming Hammer Museum Biennial titled “Made in L.A. 2016: a, the, though, only.”

The video—which doubles as a preview for Eckhaus Latta’s Summer 2016 collection—features the artists Martine Syms and Math Bass, among others. According to the accompanying description on the video’s YouTube page, “a family dynamic is portrayed as an emotionally complex branding mechanism.” This means gratuitous Shutterstock-esque gazes alternating between emotions, staged family portraits, long shots of couples making out, a pleasant soundtrack created in part by Jon Eckhaus himself, and some light dancing. It was shot at the L.A. home of architects Ray and Shelly Kappe.

Still images from the video were used in the catalogue for the upcoming Hammer exhibition. For some reason, the next video that queued up after this very soothing short was the full-length “Evil Empire” by the band Rage Against the Machine. Probably says more about me than them. Watch the video below!

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