Pictures at an Exhibition

Joshua Abelow Selects ‘Pictures at an Exhibition’


Joshua Abelow.


Last year, we began asking artists to select a week’s worth of exhibitions for our daily “Pictures at an Exhibition” section, which highlights noteworthy shows at museums and galleries around the world. The first artists to take the helm were Hank Willis Thomas and Dawn Kasper. This week Joshua Abelow, who just opened three shows in New York—a solo show at James Fuentes, a by-appointment solo show in the former Alexander & Bonin space in Chelsea, and a group show he has organized as Freddy at Allen & Eldridge (beneath Fuentes)—takes up the task.

Abelow is perhaps best known for deceptively simple paintings, featuring stick figures, written text, and blocks of color, that ooze darkly comic, self-deprecating messages. He is also known for running the vigorously updated website Art Blog Art Blog, which he ran for exactly five years before shutting it down last March, posting announcements for, and installation shots from, gallery shows around the world, alongside YouTube music videos and poems.

Below, Abelow’s picks. A new one will appear each day through Friday, with a bonus selection appearing Friday, March 4. Please check back throughout the week for all of his selections.

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