Here Is the Trailer for the Upcoming Vinyl Release by New York Artist Band Haribo



Yesterday, the New York band Haribo, which consists of the artists Raul De Nieves, Jessie Stead, and Nathan Whipple, unveiled a trailer for their upcoming vinyl release. The record, judging by the band’s YouTube description, might just be called BRIGHT YOUNG THING INSIDE THE PERFECT BODY; however, if there is one thing that can be learned from the recent Kanye West ordeal, it is that titles are not really permanent until the record goes to press.

Haribo makes music that is totally singular while remaining part of a long and storied lineage of New York City art-damaged rock insanity. They combine wasted hesher guitar, blown-out digital percussion, and De Nieves’s signature performance-art style into a freaked-out whole. Props are often involved. The trailer for the record includes footage from a November Haribo performance at the legendary (now-defunct) underground Brooklyn space Spectrum, and was taken by the artist Raphael Lyon. The band’s forthcoming record comes on the heels of a fall 2015 artist-in-residence stint at the Pioneer Works arts space in Red Hook, Brooklyn. It was during this period that Haribo opened up for Psychic TV at the space and blew them off the stage. Haribo is the best band in New York City.

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