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    Performa Makes Changes to Board of Directors, Adding Shirin Neshat and Promoting Rashid Johnson

    Toby Devan Lewis named chair



    The next Peforma is still a little under two years away, but changes are already afoot at the performance-art biennial, which revealed that it will make changes to its board of directors and inaugurate an advisory council.

    Toby Devan Lewis has been appointed as board chair. Lewis takes the reins from Salon 94 founder Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn, who had been board chair since 2009, and who will continue to be on the board.

    In a phone conversation, RoseLee Goldberg, the founder of Performa, said of Lewis, “She is a visionary—there’s no other way to describe her—and a philanthropist in that she understands the impact of a powerful idea. She was the first person that I spoke to when I came up with the idea for Performa ten years ago.”

    Iranian artist Shirin Neshat has now been added to the board of directors, bringing the total number of members to 13, while New York–based artist Rashid Johnson has been named vice chair. According to Goldberg, “Performa is very process-driven, and the whole process is very artist-driven,” and so having two artists who have participated in Performa is helpful to the board, which she prefers to call a “think-tank.”

    “I was impressed by Performa’s artist-first approach and their hands on involvement in helping realize my vision,” Johnson, who staged a Performa commission in 2013, said in a statement. “I look forward to helping continue the great legacy Performa has earned and helping it to grow as a resource for artists and a vehicle for producing and showcasing innovative performance-based works.”

    The list of the members on the board of directors and the advisory council follows below.

    Irving Benson
    Todd Bishop
    Amy Cappellazzo
    Toby Devan Lewis
    Wendy Fisher
    RoseLee Goldberg
    Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn
    Ronald Guttman
    Barbara Hoffman
    Rashid Johnson
    Aditya Julka
    Edward Tyler Nahem
    Shirin Neshat

    Laurie Beckelman
    Concetta Duncan
    Stephanie French
    Michael Kantrow
    Anne Bergeron

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