Casey Jane Ellison to Lead an ‘Interactive Money Workshop’ at Red Bull Studios

The invite for Ellison's "U R $." COURTESY RED BULL STUDIOS

The invite for Ellison’s “U R $.”


A Nicki Minaj–quoting press release reveals that on Saturday Casey Jane Ellison will be lecturing and discussing economic systems that guide the art world at Red Bull Studios. Is this going to be some kind of Andrea Fraser–like form of institutional critique, with references to Marxist theory? Probably not. Ellison, whose work was in the 2015 New Museum Triennial, is known for folding comedy into her work, and the event is called “U R $,” like an ironic version of IRS.

“U R $” will last five hours and include a panel of experts followed by what a release calls a “forced mixer,” in which guests will be asked to share their current projects, art-related or otherwise, with everyone else. The day will see a series of “talks, lectures, performances, therapy, finance astrology, macro education, saleswomanship workshops, and audience participation in many forms, but primarily crying.” RSVPs are essential; donations, of between $3 and $300, are suggested. Ellison is recording the event for a future video, so you may end up in her work.

Here’s Ellison’s statement about “U R $”:

How do people make money? Don’t want to talk about it? Then don’t come. This series seeks to encourage an almost uncomfortably self-aware dialogue and develop a vocabulary for those who want to improve their productivity, revenue and better understand their contribution to the industry they’re in or seek. Stop acting like these scary exclusionary systems have nothing to do with you.

Below is a trailer for the event, in which Ellison calls you a whore and prances through a field. Enjoy.

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