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Morning Links: Digital Frames Edition

A cat picture, framed online using the eWilner app. COURTESY EWILNER

A cat picture, framed online using the eWilner Frames app.



Eli Wilner has helped the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Sotheby’s, and Christie’s frame art, but now he’s moving his practice to a new frontier—the Internet. Wilner has developed eWilner Frames, an app that will help you frame your digital images. [The New York Times]


Henrike Grohs, the director of New York’s Goethe-Institut, was one of the 18 people who died in a terrorist attack in the Ivory Coast. “It is terrible that a woman who campaigned for a meaningful life with all her strength had to die so senselessly,” Dieter Lehmann, the president of the Goethe-Institute, said in a statement. (Please note that the Daily Mail link, which is the original source for the story, includes graphic images.) [Daily Mail, Artforum]

Anita Brookner, a British art historian and professor, died at 87. Among her accomplishments is being the surprise winner of the 1984 Man Booker Prize, for her book Hotel du Lac. [The Guardian]


Even with major LACMA and Getty shows about to happen, some of Robert Mapplethorpe’s photography is still seen as too shocking for the general public. Two pictures of children from Mapplethorpe’s “X Portfolio” won’t be shown in the exhibitions. [The Art Newspaper]

Isaac Mizrahi discusses his upcoming show at the Jewish Museum. “The older I get, the more neurotic I become about my work,” he says. [The New York Times]

Mendi + Keith Obadike interview Vijay Iyer ahead of his performance for the Met Breuer, which will happen in the building’s lobby and will involve the use of the Met’s 1830s organ. “To build together—that’s the spirit I’m trying to bring in here,” Iyer told them. [BOMB Magazine]


Here’s the story behind how the British Museum almost cancelled a show about the Olympics because of the U.K.’s boycott of the 1980 Moscow Olympics. [The Art Newspaper]

Juan Pablo Plazas and Marianne Berenhaut at Bureau des Réalités in Brussels. [Contemporary Art Daily]


“Can an art critic fairly review an artist friend’s work?” [Washington Post]

Joyce Carol Oates on David T. Hanson’s landscape photography: “His images are a rare combination of surpassing beauty and ugliness—if by ‘ugliness’ we mean the ruin of nature and the poisoning of humankind.” [The New Yorker]

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