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    Shandaken Project at Storm King Announces Residencies for 2016

    Storm King Art Center.COURTESY STORM KING

    Storm King Art Center.


    In January, the Shandaken Project announced that it would once again host a residency program at the Storm King Art Center after the program’s first run last fall. Between June and October, 15 artists will spend up to six weeks on the 500-acre site in upstate New York, which sounds pretty wonderful considering how gross it can get in New York in the summer. Three artists will take the residency at a time, and each gets a private studio and free reign over the grounds.

    In addition to the new residents, a group of participants from last year—Carey Denniston, Adrienne Garbini, Dayna Tortorici, and Marisa Williamson—will come back to present programs they worked on during their residencies.

    The full list is below.

    • Amelia Bande
    • Andrianna Campbell
    • Danielle Dean
    • Taraneh Fazeli
    • S Gernsbacher
    • Shana Hoehn
    • Kristen Jensen
    • Kathryn Kerr
    • Zavé G. Martohardjono
    • Sarah McMenimen>
    • Dylan Mira
    • Oren Pinhassi
    • Xu Wang
    • Rebecca Ward
    • Lachell Workman

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