The Most Interesting Street In SoHo

Aby Rosen Anoints ‘The Most Interesting Street In SoHo’

The lobby of 11 Howard.

The lobby of 11 Howard.

Art collector and developer Aby Rosen has opened a hotel in Manhattan called 11 Howard, which my press release calls “an incredible new hotel on the most interesting street in SoHo.” Take that West Broadway! I’m glad we cleared this up.

The most interesting street in SoHo runs for just four blocks and includes a storefront for “global fashion and lifestyle curator” (sigh) Opening Ceremony, a home decor store, an apartment building with sales averaging $1,283 per square foot, and Mai Massage, where a one-hour aromatic body massage goes for $49. There’s also some other stuff, I guess! It probably is the most interesting street in SoHo!

Here are some other phrases taken from the (nearly 1,500-word) release about the most interesting street in SoHo, which I have arranged into a found poem that is faithful to the overall narrative arc:

A bespoke piece of furniture,
a digital art-piece chosen specifically to frame the guest experience.
The top of the stair neon art piece
is the first signal of the blending of the old and the new.

A group of inspiring young artists
with mentorship from Jeff Koons
drew on all of their ideas.
An artisanal shop curated by creative consultant
was only available to a few collectors.

Relaxed attitude with a traditional bespoke look,
comforting to guests.

SoHo’s hottest new bar
transforms into an elegant bar space,
morphs into a fun, high-energy nightclub.

Bed and chairs, desk, credenzas, tables and light,
all designed to be functional with grace and humanity.
Guests are able to personalize their mini bar experience.
11 Howard has mixed technology
with the quintessential NYC method of transportation–
The skateboard.

There you have it, folks. That’s just how those cool cats on the most interesting street in SoHo get down.

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