Puppies Puppies Will Present a Different Video Every Day of the Berlin Biennale

Still from Puppies Puppies's TheRing. COURTESY BERLIN BIENNALE

Still from Puppies Puppies’s TheRing.


This year’s DIS-curated Berlin Biennale, which has a terrific line-up, will run for a little more than three months, from June 4 through September 18, but if you cannot make it to the German capital during that stretch, you can, at least, take solace in a bit of news that comes to us from the New York gallery Queer Thoughts—Puppies Puppies will present a different video on the Internet every day of the biennial’s run, starting today. To be clear, that means 107 Puppies Puppies videos will appear over the course of the biennial, and that’s not even counting the one that’s already posted.

Puppies Puppies is a Los Angeles–based artist who is known mostly for oddball performances that often reference Dadaism and Hollywood films. Most recently, PP staged a performance at the Material Art Fair in Mexico City that combined an allusion to Marcel Duchamp’s Étant Donné with an image of Shrek. PP has also dressed up as Spongebob and Voldemort, and created entire shows about Minions and horseshoe crabs.

The first of the Berlin Biennale Puppies Puppies is rather simply called TheRing and features a man finding a piece of jewelry on top of a mountain, probably in reference to the Lord of the Rings series. Needless to say, it’s weird. Head over to the Berlin Biennale site to see it.

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