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Los Angeles’s Thomas Duncan Gallery Will Close

The image that accompanied the announcement.COURTESY THOMAS DUNCAN GALLERY

The image that accompanied the announcement.


It sometimes seems like not a week goes by without word of yet another gallery opening in Los Angeles, but today brings news of a closure in the city. Thomas Duncan Gallery, which opened in early 2012 and shows artists like Charles Mayton, Valerie Snobeck, and Zak Prekop, announced this afternoon that it will close its doors when its current Jesse Willenbring solo exhibition ends its run on June 4. The decision was announced by Duncan in an email, which follows in full below:

Dear friends and supporters,

I am writing with the news that the current show will be the gallery’s final exhibition.

Having the ability to open a space and build a program with artists whose work I hold very dear has been an absolute pleasure. I write this message in sincere gratitude to the artists, collectors, curators and writers that have enabled the gallery to thrive.

I am extremely proud of the achievements of the past four and a half years – from debut and pivotal solo shows to larger curatorial endeavors within the space as well as the relationships forged with institutions and other galleries alike. To have been able to support these amazing artists and enable their work to be experienced by new audiences has been, quite literally, a dream come true. I will always be incredibly grateful to all those who have supported the program during its lifetime.

For those who wish to share a drink in celebration of the gallery please join us for our closing reception on Saturday, June 4 from 5 – 8pm.

In the meantime the exhibition archive and artist list will remain visible on the gallery’s website.


Thomas Duncan

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