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Morning Links: Noah’s Ark Edition

A rendering of the Noah's Ark in Kentucky. COURTESY ANSWERS IN GENESIS

A rendering of the Noah’s Ark in Kentucky.



The state of Kentucky is using taxpayer money to fund an actual Noah’s Ark that is 8 stories high, 85 feet wide, and twice the length of a football field. [CNN]

The Ruya Foundation will organize an exhibition featuring both ancient and contemporary art in the Iraqi pavilion for the 57th Venice Biennale next year. [The Art Newspaper]


Eleven art students reveal their hopes and fears about the Brexit vote to i-D. “Will an arts education only be available to the princesses, the privileged, and the British born-and-bred?” [i-D]

HaeAhn Kwon, the last student left in USC Roski’s MFA studio art program,  has announced that she is leaving. [Artforum]


Le Consortium, the alternative art space founded in the 1970s in Dijon, France, apparently “predicts art’s next big thing.” [T Magazine]

An outpost of Russia’s State Hermitage Museum, which will be designed by the architect Íñigo Amézola, will open in Barcelona in 2019. [El País]


In response to the Orlando shooting, Terence Koh is planning an event at Andrew Edlin Gallery this Thursday during which he will read the victims’ names into a microphone that will project the sounds into outer space through an antenna installed outside the gallery. [New York Observer]


A leaked police report from his Neverland Ranch days suggests that Michael Jackson’s collection of art books—which included images by James Bidgood, Rineka Dijkstra, Ed Templeton, Robert Maxwell, Tom Bianchi, and well-known 19th-century images by Wilhelm von Gloeden of young men in “classically inspired poses”—as possible grooming tools. [Hyperallergic]

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