Mark Leckey Installation Site for Liverpool Biennial Damaged by Arson

Still from Mark Leckey, Dream English Kid, 1964–1999 AD (2015)

Mark Leckey, Dream English Kid, 1964–1999 AD (still), 2015.


Last Friday, a building set to be used as the site of a Mark Leckey video installation for the Liverpool Biennial was damaged in a strong fire, which now has been confirmed by Liverpudlian police officials as a deliberate act of arson, the Liverpool Echo reports today.

The site—the city’s sawmill, which in the past housed the legendary house music club Cream—caught fire Friday night. Firefighters spent 15 hours on location taking care of the blaze, which occurred at the top of building. There were no injuries. Police have officially launched an investigation into the fire as an act of arson.

The building was set to show Leckey’s 2015 autobiographical film installation Dream English Kid 1964 – 1999 AD, which is inspired by a Joy Division concert the artist attended at the Liverpool club Eric’s in 1979. The location has been moved to the Blade Factory inside of the Liverpool restaurant complex Camp and Furnace.

The Liverpool Biennial occurs from July 9 to October 16 at venues and public spaces spread throughout the city.

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