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Metro Pictures Now Represents Oliver Laric

Oliver Laric, Sleeping Boy, 2016. Installation view at Cains Brewery. Liverpool Biennial 2016. JOEL CHESTER FILDES

Oliver Laric, Sleeping Boy, 2016, installation view, at Cains Brewery, in the 2016 Liverpool Biennial.


New York’s Metro Pictures gallery announced today that it now represents Oliver Laric, the Berlin-based artist known for his work about reproductions and digital technology. Laric, who is also represented by Berlin’s Tanya Leighton and London’s Seventeen gallery, now joins a slate that includes Louise Lawler, Trevor Paglen, Camille Henrot, and Cindy Sherman.

Laric’s work typically takes the form of videos and sculptures that examine how the digital has changed art objects, and how computer imaging has made it easier to copy and tweak preexisting work. Though he relies on relatively new technology to produce his work, Laric shows that all of this is simply part of a historical progression, starting with industrialization and ending with the Internet, 3-D printing, and Photoshop.

Though it was included in last year’s New Museum Triennial, Laric’s work is more often shown abroad than stateside. (He’s still never had a solo show in New York.) An installation by Laric is currently on view in the Liverpool Biennial in England.

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