Here Is the Video for Martin Creed’s ‘Princess Taxi Girl Part 1’

Video Still.

Video Still.

Today, the video for Martin Creed’s “Princess Taxi Girl Part 1” was released, off of the artist and musician’s newest album, Thoughts Lined Up, which came out last week on Telephone Records. Creed’s balloon-heavy exhibition “The Back Door” is currently on view at New York’s Park Avenue Armory through August 7.

The video features very British-feeling over-the-shoulder shots of women walking to taxis set to a soundtrack of Creed’s very-British-feeling music. It’s pretty mellow!

Creed is probably best known for winning the 2001 Turner Prize for his installation Work No. 227: The lights going on and off, in which lights go on and off in a room every five seconds. More stuff than that happens in the video for “Princess Taxi Girl Part 1,” but it’s still somewhat minimal by the standards of rock music videos.

Check it out below!

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