That Time That Donald Trump Wrote Dakis Joannou a Really Nice Note

Jeff Koons, Dan Friedman, Jeffrey Deitch, Dakis Joannou.COURTESY DESTE FOUNDATION ARCHIVE

Jeff Koons, Dan Friedman, Jeffrey Deitch, Dakis Joannou.


Today, Interview magazine’s website published a chat between collector Dakis Joannou and writer Linda Yablonsky that took place at the DESTE foundation founder’s longtime New York residence inside Trump Tower. He’s been living in the GOP presidential candidate’s building for some time now. Jeffrey Deitch tells a fun story about using his apartment for office space and bribing security guards in an attempt to get fellow Trump Tower resident Michael Jackson to buy Jeff Koons’s Michael Jackson and Bubbles. (Disclosure: Interview is owned by Brant Publications Inc., which includes in its holdings ARTnews.)

The burning question: Has Joannou ever had any contact with his short-fingered vulgarian landlord? Now we know! Check out this juicy tidbit.

YABLONSKY: Have you ever met Donald Trump?

JOANNOU: Not really. But he sent me a very nice letter for the opening of “Skin Fruit.” It said, “We are very proud to have people like you living in our building,” and so on. [laughs] I’ll have to dig it out now.

YABLONSKY: Yes, one day it might be historic!

It might be!

“Skin Fruit” was a show of Joannou’s collection at the New Museum (where Joannou was a board member), organized by first-time curator Jeff Koons. This show was particularly pilloried by critics. Of course Trump loved it.

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