PSA: Museum Will Show ‘Space Jam’

Space_Jam_0014698photo_400wIn 1996, the world was rocked by the epic battle on the basketball court between a mystical group of space aliens possessing the stolen powers of a number of future NBA Hall of Famers, and their cartoon animal rivals, led by a displaced legend of athleticism who was transported into an alternate dimension during a friendly round of golf with several celebrities. What fate would befall these giants? What miracle of physics would allow them to take it to the hoop? It was a time of gods and monsters, of angels and demons, struggling over the fate of all that is. If they could see it, then they could do it. If they just believed it, there was nothing to it. Come on and slam, if you want to jam.

This is just a quick note to say that the Brooklyn Museum will be screening Space Jam.

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