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Morning Links: Bad Trump Art Edition



Art Market

“Art sales suffer global slump.” [Wall Street Journal]

What does a $20,000 Trump baby doll, $25,000 Trump clown painting, and $900 silicon Trump mask have in common? They’re all amateur art for sale on eBay. [Gizmodo]


Liverpool Biennial director Sally Tallant, which opened this month: “We’re reliant on the opportunities to work with international artists from all over the world and the possibilities migration opens up. We need to find ways to make sure that ground is not lost, and the world doesn’t become a smaller place.” [Artforum]

On “The Black Woman Is God: Reprogramming That God Code”, a new show at SOMArts. [SF Chronicle]


The Akron Art Museum has launched an art lending library, which is exactly what it sounds like. Many of the pieces, available for loan with a local library card, will be commissioned from local and regional artists. [Crains Cleveland]

Artist Andrew Myers uses an electric screwdriver to create 3-D tactile art that allows blind people the chance to feel the work. [Smithsonian Mag]

Reimagined Art

A new study reveals 500-year-old Caribbean cave markings may represent the first encounters between indigenous inhabitants and Europeans. [Livescience]

This week a visitor to the Neues Museum in Nuremburg, Germany, filled out a blank crossword puzzle created by Fluxus artist Arthur Køpcke. The accompanying sign said “insert words”, so she did and is now being investigated for damage to property. [The Verge]

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