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Morning Links: Florine Stettheimer Edition

Asbury Park South

Florine Stettheimer, Ashbury Park South, 1920 VIA WIKI ART


Under financial pressure a few years ago, Fisk University sold a major work by Florine Stettheimer, which Georgia O’Keeffe had given to the school, along with a number of other works, under the condition that they never be sold. “Shame on them,” Lyndel King, the director of the Weisman Museum at the University of Minnesota, told the Times. [The New York Times]

French courts struck down artist Orlan’s $3.1 million plagiarism suit against Lady Gaga, which claimed that Gaga’s “Born this Way” music video and album cover copied several sculptures of Orlan’s. [The Art Newspaper]


Sculpture and installation artist Anne Chu, who made life-sized marionettes and updated classical forms, died on Monday. [Artforum]

An obituary for Michael Crawford, artist and New Yorker cartoonist who died earlier this month. [The Boston Globe]


Keep up with the Four Seasons Auction, where people like Martha Stewart have been looking to snatch up the iconic hotel’s modernist artifacts, like restaurant signs and zabaglione spoons. [The New York Times]


“Made You Look: Dandyism and Black Masculinity” at the Photographer’s Gallery in London. [Blouin Artinfo]

Take a look at some of the photomontages from a new book on Dada artist Hannah Höch, whose work was labeled degenerate by the Third Reich.  [The Cut]


A film is being made about the unsuccessful 1972 heist at the Worcester Art Museum, which involved paintings by Paul Gauguin, Rembrandt, and Pablo Picasso. [Boston Magazine]

A review of a documentary about Hieronymus Bosch reveals that his life was as intriguing and convoluted as his work. [The New York Times]


Artist Nelson Saiers’ installation on Alcatraz addresses the American prison-industrial complex using football memorabilia. [The Art Newspaper]

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