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Morning Links: Tag Clouds Edition

A Mathieu Tremblin 'Tag Cloud'. COURTESY THE ARTIST

A Mathieu Tremblin ‘Tag Cloud’.


Innovative Art

Edward Cornell has converted his home in Westport, N.Y., into an Art Farm, scattering some 30 or so sculptures throughout the grounds, which includes, yes, a number of defunct pieces of farm equipment turned artwork. [Seven Days]

Here’s a new way to experience New York’s Metropolitan museum: a guided tour, led by food expert Angelis Nannos, where visitors interact with work with their eyes, ears and mouths. [Smithsonian Mag]

What the sale and distribution of films can learn from Asia’s rising art fair circuit. [Variety]

In the Streets

An interview with French artist and activist Mathieu Tremblin, who recently watched with a mixture of frustration and joy as his six-year-old street artwork, titled ‘Tag Clouds’, go viral. [The Creators Project]

Over 50 Ghanaian artists have created work to help try eliminate street defecation in a country where about 5 million people do so in the open. [Africa News]


Jonathan Jones on the New Museum’s latest exhibit: “What is the difference between artful collecting and mad hoarding? Or are they the same thing?” [The Guardian]

Auction Houses

“As prices for art skyrocketed, Sotheby’s and other firms have become shadow banks, making millions of dollars of legal loans outside the regulated financial system and raising concerns that such financing could facilitate money laundering.” [Bloomberg]

Taikang Life, one of China’s biggest insurers, now holds a 13.5 percent stake in Sotheby’s worth around $233 million. [CNN]

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